A World of Opportunity

Avatar admin | June 7, 2018

Dame Vera Stephanie "Steve" Shirley is a British information technology pioneer, businesswoman and philanthropist.

Chapter 1: Why there are no many woman in tech?

Dame Stephanie explains why she had to set up a woman only company, and what was her challenges.
And the challenges of being a woman back in days.

Chapter 2: The expectations from woman

What she did in order to challenge the convention of the days and what is the reason she had to changed her name to Steve.

Chapter 3: The early days of her company 'Freelance Programmers'

The programmers in her company (woman and gays), used pencil and papers to develop and wrote machine code which was sent to a data center to be punched to cards and data tapes and than submitted to the main frame.

Chapter 4: How to find an ambitious woman?

You can always tell ambitious woman by the shape of her heads because they are flat on top from being patted patronizingly, and he have larger feel from being away from the kitchen sink.

Chapter 5: Secrets of success (and long lasting marriage)

Two secrets for success:
1. Surround yourself with first class people and people that you like
2. Choose your partner VERY carefully
3. Always let him have the last word (as long as it's "yes dear")

Chapter 6: Why she set up a charity for autism?

Its started with a family crisis, when her only child, Giles, turned to be autistic when he was two and half - he lost the little speech and turned to a wiled, unmanageable toddler and he never spoke again. He was the first resident in the charity she set up for autism.

Chapter 7: Where her wealth goes back?

"I like doing new things and making new things happen", this is what make her to be involved in her last projects like: virtual reality, early portal site, a digital conference, an angel investor, sponsoring the IT livery company, founded the Oxford internet institute which focuses on the ethical issues on the internet.

Chapter 8: Why she is doing philanthropy?

After her child, Giles, died 17 years ago unexpectedly, she learn to live without his needs for her

Chapter 9: The end - reasonable and unreasonable people

A quote from George Bernard Shaw: Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world, unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves.
All progress therefore, depends on unreasonable people, like me.

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