We are a London based group of experts who are passionate about bringing knowledge & inspiration to those interested in business.

The conference business exists for a reason. It is enormously helpful. Well, at least it used to be. But times change and the industry is undergoing a global shift. Smart players are adapting fast, the slow ones will not even know what hit them.

We understand the industry. Our experts have been involved with different aspect of it, from organising globally recognised conferences with world-class speakers all the way to broadcasting and live-streaming TV. Above all, we understand ‘online attendees’. Our team of global experts is not shy to help our customers push the limits and achieve results.

Our expertise grows with every new conference we bring to the live online world. We brought many world influential keynote speakers to their global audience: heads of state, founders of billion dollars businesses, world-class journalists or global influencers like Guy Kawasaki.

Where can you see what we do? We help big conferences all over the world, but mostly in the U.S. (Startup Grind GlobalConference), or Europe (WSJ+ talks).

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