A Lifetime of Pushing the Limits

Avatar admin | June 7, 2018

This personal story starts from one of the first hi-tech companies (1962) through to the Oxford Internet Institute (2001) and Autistica (2004), a charity founded by Dame Stephanie Shirley as part of her extensive philanthropy work. As Dame Stephanie says herself, she has far more fun giving away her money than she ever had earning it.

This talk is a reminder to challenge the status quo, and push those limits.

Dame Stephanie Shirley arrived in this country as a child refugee and became a disruptive pioneer.

Back in 1962 she founded one of the first tech start-ups as a company of women and took it into co-ownership. After its flotation in 1996, 70 of the staff became millionaires.

More recently, in 2001 she founded the Oxford Internet Institute which focuses on the social, economic, legal and ethical aspects of the internet.

She was the UK’s first National Ambassador for Philanthropy in 2009/10, and her 2015 TED talk has been seen by over 1.6m people.

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